A/B Testing for B-to-B Funnel Optimization

What causes people to
attend your webinars? download your whitepapers? sign up for trials? buy your products?

Caret Juice tests what matters to your buyers by understanding

  • motivations that cause people to interact, and
  • contexts that produce those motivations.

By conducting interviews to understand what influences people as they move down your funnels we are able to design more impactful tests.

Don't let your marketing program be held back by testing against lead and MQL conversion rates that only correlate with revenue when we can keep your testing program focused on what causes revenue.

B-to-B marketers are expected to tie marketing efforts to revenue

Your funnel metrics are only loosely correlated with revenue.

If you improve the conversion rate on a marketing interaction you might be increasing

  • The number of people you want to reach who would benefit from your offer (yay).
  • The number of people you want to reach who won’t benefit from your offer (I hope they’re not too disappointed).
  • The number of people who will never buy (boo).

The median tenure of a CMO is 31 months

If you have a nine-month sales cycle, that means that you only have 3.4 sales cycles to show your impact on revenue before you are on borrowed time.

You can’t afford to wait nine months to validate your ideas but neither can you trust that improving metrics that only correlate with revenue will actually improve revenue.

Your job as a marketer isn’t to get into the inbox of CEOs.
It’s to be invited in when they want to buy.

We interview the people interacting with your content to understand what influenced them and A/B test influence factors.

Audience Experience Optimization

Understanding your buyers’ motivations as they move down the funnel and optimizing for task completion will insure that your interactions are properly targeting people who actually benefit from your offer.

Understanding the context in which an interaction occurs will help you place the interaction within your marketing mix and highlight subsequent actions that need to satisfied.

These principles underpin B-to-B landing pages converting in the 99 percentile while accelerating the lead to MQL velocity.

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