Optimize Your Audience Experience

Caret Juice helps B-to-B marketing teams

  • understand the motivations that cause people to interact, and
  • optimize the buying process around what those people hope to accomplish

Audience Experience Optimization is user-centered design principles applied to managing B-to-B marketing systems. It is a way of thinking about marketing and the people that interact with marketing:

  • It's a user-centered way of optimizing the buying experience
  • It's a way of understanding data, how it relates to the people that create it, and how it relates to your company.
  • It's a way of understanding the people who interact with your marketing.
  • It's a way to organize your marketing team around that understanding.

User-centered design has been dealing with the challenges of human-computer interactions for decades. It is a rich source of ideas for managing the people, processes, and technologies out of which B‑to‑B sales emerge.


Allocate Marketing Resources Effectively

Understanding what causes an interaction and putting the audience experience at the core of decisions makes correlated leading indicators more predictive of future revenue helping your team make better decisions on where to allocate resources.

Learn how Audience Experience Optimization can help your team allocate resources more effectively.

Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time

Understanding the context in which an interaction occurs takes the guesswork out of sequencing emails and internal linking. Know what your audience wants and when they want it.

Learn how Audience Experience Optimization can help your team deliver the right content at the right time.

Improve Onboarding and Effectiveness of New Marketing Hires

Keeping causation at the center of your marketing planning helps new hires better understand your audiences and effectively apply their skills in your team setting.


Trial and Custom Training

We run a risk free proof of concept and then train your team to focus on causation while effectively using data.

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On-Demand Training

Self-paced training for individuals and teams.

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