There are three roles in Scrum Agile:

  • the scrum master who makes sure work gets done smoothly,
  • the product owner who learns about the customer and decides what to do,
  • and everyone else who gets things done.

When marketers translate agile to marketing they tend to consider the whole marketing ecosystem as the product and the top marketing executive is the product owner.

This approach isn’t wrong. Someone needs to own the whole experience and you certainly don’t want to outsource that.

However, software products have many product owners focused on different aspects of a product.

When translating agile to managing B-to-B funnels for complex sales, each conversion (subscription, whitepaper download, webinar…) is a product. And each product has a product owner.

Focusing on a specific conversion puts you at a scale where outsourcing insight is practical while helping you better understand how that specific conversion fits into the bigger picture.

This focus also lets us start delivering improvements sooner.

We start a two-week sprint by interviewing 10 people who have completed a specific conversion that you want to improve. We look for insights into why people are converting and the context in which the conversion is happening including what needs are prompting the person to convert, how successful your marketing is in meeting those needs, and what new needs come up subsequent to the conversion.

Before the next two week sprint we meet with you to plan the sprint using insights from these interviews to give you ideas for improving that conversion, ideas for next steps in the funnel, and ideas for missing marketing collateral all based on the context and needs of those interviews.

We can test those ideas in the next sprint entirely on our own, in concert with your team, or leave your team to execute the tests while we focus on the next set of insights.

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The first round is on us.

We’ll interview 10 people who have converted on a page that you want to improve and recommend improvements for testing, changes to make to the content, and additional resources to create based on the interviews.

Working with Caret Juice

Agile Delivery

Most marketing agencies that do agile blend a few agile practices with the checks and control of waterfall.

We run a pure agile which helps us deliver in short iterations at a lower cost. This is at the expense of getting things exactly as you want them and cost certainty.

Learn more about agile delivery at Caret Juice and how you work with an outside agile team.

Structured Interviews

The basic structure of our interviews is related closely to our own flavor of agile which is based on our understanding of how interactions relate in a complex sale.

The main focus is on the needs of the people in your funnel and the context in which those needs occur. This focus is powerful because it aligns your marketing with the expectations of the market.

Learn how Caret Juice uses structured interviews to gain insight that power funnel improvements.

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We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about agile funnel optimization and how it will fit with your current marketing efforts.