The basic structure of our interviews is related closely to our own flavor of agile which is based on our understanding of how interactions relate in a complex sale.

The main focus is on the needs of the people in your funnel. The context in which those needs occur is powerful because it aligns your marketing with the expectations of the market.

Business-to-business companies in particular are slow to adapt to the high level of control and independence that people expect when researching purchases. Listening is the most consistent way that you can meet their expectations.

Compared with relying on a mix of personas, site visits, and interviews with sales reps, structured listening is like navigating with a compass versus navigating by the stars.

Navigating by the stars takes more talent and works fine, but the compass is easier and doesn’t suffer from the kinds of gaps in information that you get on cloudy days.

This qualitative data doesn’t replace the quantitative data that is trusted in any modern marketing team. Rather, it augments it.

The insights that you get from structured interviews help you get away from optimizing for what you know and move towards optimizing for what the people in your buying funnels need--and especially towards finding and meeting needs that you didn’t even know existed.

In addition to the main focus on needs and context, we collect additional data that is useful for improving your understanding of the people in your funnels as well as improving your sales and marketing operations.

  • How different conversions relate to sales and improve your lead scoring/lead qualification process. Are they in a sales cycle?
  • How to turn leads with too little authority to pass to sales into sales-ready leads. Is this a top-down or bottom-up sale? What next steps in bottom-up sales will help build consensus in the company towards taking action?
  • How and when to deliver next steps. Just because you can send an automated follow up doesn’t mean that you should. The thank you page, download email, or the end of a whitepaper PDF might be more effective channels for offering next steps to deepen your relationship.

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We’ll interview 10 people who have converted on a page that you want to improve and recommend improvements for testing, changes to make to the content, and additional resources to create based on the interviews.

Working with Caret Juice

Agile Lead Insights

We use structured interviews to get insights focused on a specific conversion point in your funnels.

This narrow focus lets us quickly get deep insight into the needs of people interacting at a specific point in your marketing and improve that point without putting in the time and expense of understanding the broader context.

Learn how agile lead insights lets Caret Juice focus on delivering tactically excellent marketing.

Agile Delivery

Most marketing agencies that do agile blend a few agile practices with the checks and control of waterfall.

We run a pure agile which helps us deliver in short iterations at a lower cost. This is at the expense of getting things exactly as you want them and cost certainty.

Learn more about agile delivery at Caret Juice and how you work with an outside agile team.

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