Google Analytics Consulting for Offline Sales

Connect offline sales to online marketing without the data warehouse

Start the Journey to Advanced Analytics

Connect sales in your accounting or CRM software to Google Analytics so that you can get many of the benefits of sophisticated data setups at a fraction of the effort and cost.

  • Make decisions with confidence by understanding how upstream interactions effect downstream revenue.
  • Start building an advanced analytics culture by using data more rigorously.
  • Build a business case for future data projects by understanding the business impact of acting on data.
  • Multiply the value of future data investments through improved data quality and connections.
Damon Gudaitis Dov Weinstock, CTO
The ObG Project
Damon set up Google Analytics so that it is flexible. We can come back to him for specific requests that are important to us without needing a Google Analytics expert on the team.

Let Caret Juice help you

  1. Set up offline revenue tracking,
  2. Indentify your most important metrics, and
  3. Use data to improve revenue

Our set-up service includes:

  • Connecting revenue data to analytics data
  • Identifying key performance indicators
  • Calculating funnel revenue metrics
  • Creating alerts for changes to important metrics
  • Updating privacy policy
  • Free round of analysis and conversion rate optimization

From $3800 for setup

Connect your sales data to analytics

Ready to get started? Great.
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