Twitter List Automation

Feb 15 2016

Twitter lists are a feature that nearly every digital marketer has experimented with but few use for anything other than keeping track of a select group of influencers.

Lists seem like they would be quite useful to sales reps and account managers...

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Extract Email Domain with Zapier

Feb 1 2016

When you capture information online there is always a balance between asking for more information and making it as easy as possible for your visitors to complete their task.

You want more information to help you decide what to do with the person but...

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Automating Feedback and Reviews

Jan 15 2016

Any business that develops a long relationship with their customers can and should automate feedback and review requests.

Good candidates include virtually any service business:

  • IT outsourcing
  • marketing agencies :)
  • construction contractors
  • hotels

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Creative On Update Zapier Triggers

Oct 15 2015

Zapier is limited by how the different CRM systems make your data available to other application. Zapier can only react to changes that are broadcast by the CRM (and then only after you give it permission).

Hubspot CRM’s integration with Zapier, for...

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