The Constellation Approach to Business Technology

Connecting and sharing data between different business technologies has never been easier.

This sharing opens up opportunities to automate tasks and use data in ways that were recently only available to companies with the biggest budgets. But only if you understand the how each application fits in the ecosystem of sharing APIs.

Caret Juice helps you navigate this web of opportunities and build a constellation of business technologies automating repetitive tasks while improving data quality across the organization.

Read more about our Constellation Approach to Business Technology—the conceptual framework that underpins all of our services.


Automation Recipes

If the Constellation Approach to Business Technology is the theory behind our work, then this is the theory put to practice.

Automate Feedback & Reviews

Any business that develops a long relationship with their customers can and should automate feedback and review requests.

Feedback helps you improve your business while reviews help you get more business.

Learn how to automate feedback and reviews.

Email Domain

Email domains are a useful foundation for automating internal sales notifications, lead scoring, and collecting pre-sales data.

Best of all, extracting email domains from email addresses lets you trigger automation with a minimum of information.

Learn how to extract and use email domains.

Twitter List

Twitter lists seem like they would be quite useful to sales reps and account managers trying to build relationships with prospects and accounts.

In practice, this isn’t true.

Learn how to use automation to make Twitter lists a practical social sales tool.

Learn how your business can benefit

Contact Caret Juice Marketing so we can talk about the challenges you are facing and how we can help.

Who is Caret Juice

Caret Juice is a one person marketing technology and operations consultancy for small businesses run by Damon Gudaitis.

Marketing technology is huge right now. There are lots of inexpensive technologies that you can benefit from using, but there’s no way that you can be expected to know about all of the possibilities.

I help you navigate marketing technologies and configure a variety of inexpensive systems to give you the capabilities of a full-blown marketing automation system at a fraction of the expense.

I work with you to understand how comfortable you and your staff are with technology. And then I create and document automated marketing systems that you can run yourself with little or no time required out of your day.

Marketing automation systems are expensive and you need to hire someone full time to run them.

I’ll help you do the most valuable things you can with a marketing automation system at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s talk about how you can benefit from these technologies.

Damon Gudaitis

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