Cookie & Privacy Policy

Here’s how we balance your privacy with our goals.

  • We don’t share your personal information outside of the cloud services that we use to run our company.
  • We store personal information on cloud services. They provide better security than we ever could.
  • We avoid collecting sensitive information as much as possible.

Caret Juice Marketing is based in Vancouver, BC Canada registered as Caret Juice Marketing in BC.

Cookies and Website Visitors

We use cookies and local storage to anonymously track how visitors use our web site.

We use this information to improve the experience of using our site.

If you wish to opt out of tracking, you can toggle tracking below.

Opt Out of Analytics

Erasing cookies will cause subsequent visits to be tracked.

Alternately, Caret Juice Marketing respects the do not track settings on your browser.

We do not use fingerprinting or super cookies to circumvent your privacy preferences.

Form Submissions

When a visitor submits their name, email and other personal details through a form, our tracking ceases to be anonymous.

We use this information to understand what interactions on our site and with ads and other off-site marketing activities result in commercial relationships. Because our sales require conversations that happen offline, there is no way to track this information while giving you anonymity.


Caret Juice Marketing uses cookies to learn how people use the site and improve your experience. By continuing you consent to the cookie policy outlined in our privacy policy.